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The Naked Truth About Hedonism II

2nd Edition Book, Updated for 2010

A totally unauthorized, naughty but nice guide to
Jamaica's very adult resort

A humorous travel book by Chris Santilli


What Happens in Jamaica,
Stays in Jamaica…

Except in this cheeky guide to the world's naughtiest resort, Hedonism II.


Laugh till you wet your undies
(If you didn't cleverly forget them again.)

Learn why Hedonism II has a 90% repeat guest rate—the highest of any Caribbean hotel—even though the facilities are tired, the food is mediocre, and the beach sand hurts your feet—if you are still standing after a week.

Is Hedonism II a retirement home for worn-out swingers? Is it a testosterone tour-de-force with too few eligible single women to clamor over? Is it a cult that sucks away all your vacation time? Well, the last one might be true.

The Naked Truth About Hedonism II tells you what to expect at this unique resort and how to make the most of a vacation there. You'll learn the myths, the truths, and the tips that will make your vacation to Hedonism II the best trip you'll ever take—again and again. Warning: Don't sip a soda pop while reading this book. The bubbles will burn your nostrils as the drink shoots out your nose.

The Myths: Only young singles go to Hedonism II. People walk around naked everywhere. Open sex is rampant. Someone will try to steal your wife.

Every myth has its truths...but Hedonism II is 75% couples—and most guests are over 30, full nudity is only allowed on one beach, the hotel does not permit public sex, and your wife—well, that's her choice. But at Hedonism II you will see what you've never seen before...And you might do it too!

Guests of Hedonism II experiment with whatever they consider exotic: be it swinging on the trapeze, floating naked on a raft, or dancing on the stage in a bed sheet in front of 500 people. The hotel is an adult kid camp where friends meet time after time.

The Naked Truth About Hedonism II reveals the real rules of the hotel—and they are only published here. It tells how to handle the public erection (don't handle it!).

You'll laugh at the many "Tales from the Naked City"—the pages are chock-full of stories to keep you grinning about the man with the sheep, the games on the nude beach (well beyond ring toss), and the young men on their quest for an exchange of bodily fluids.

The 390-page softcover book is 5½ by 8½ inches with tons of B/W photos. It is available for $29.95 + s/h at The Naked Truth About Hedonism II

An automatically downloadable PDF of the updated book ($14.99) is 158 printable 8.5" x 11" pages.

Chris Santilli

About The Author

Chris Santilli, an award-winning freelance writer and inveterate naked gal, has visited Hedonism II for 60-plus weeks in more than 40 trips since March 1985. Virgins and hard-core vets alike will smile at her collection of advice, anecdotes, and adventures.

Questions? e-mail Chris@wordcrafting.com.

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